How to cut letters out of wood with your own hands: create original signs
Recently, various inscriptions and individual letters made of wood have become very popular.
Which impregnation to choose for wood: TOP-15 best impregnations
Wood is a popular building material in Russia. Without special treatment, it will not be able to “live” for long. To
How to make a wood burner with your own hands: all about pyrographs
From the author: Hello, dear friends! The art of burning came to us from the middle of the twentieth century.
Chipboard boards - photos of the best options and description of technical characteristics!
A large assortment of chipboards makes it possible to choose the necessary material that is most suitable for solving the problems
alder wood in the fireplace
Which firewood is better to use: alder or birch?
The genus and its representatives Olga Nikitina The genus Birch (Betula) belongs to the birch family (Betulaceae)
Making round sticks. Review of three methods - for the lazy and not so lazy
Let me collect a few options on how to make a round stick, otherwise I’m constantly looking for
Types of colored varnishes
How to varnish a wooden surface: features of varnish selection and preparation
Why do you need to varnish a wooden surface Wood remains a popular building material despite some disadvantages.
Logs for construction
Why do wooden products crack and how to deal with it?
Not everyone knows how to dry wood. At the same time, in construction such a need arises
Sawed table - features of products and recommendations for their manufacture
Icer 1235 0 0 Icer December 1, 2018 Specialization: master in the construction of plasterboard structures, finishing
How long does an oak tree live?
How long do trees live - life expectancy of deciduous, coniferous and fruit trees
Oak lives in the wild for 350-400 years. Centenarians can live up to two thousand years.
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